How to Contact Me

It is not difficult to contact me in person. You will find the methods you may use below.


My email address is webmaster@cbkihong.com

Alternatively, you may use the online feedback form provided.

Please note that spamming activities will not be tolerated and I shall take every step deemed legitimate to block any incoming spam mail, and all spam cases would be reported to the administrator(s) of the originating domain concerned for resolution.

If you are members of any of the following instant messenging services, you can chat with me by specifying the information listed herein:


ICQ #: 111927600
Current status: ICQ Online Status

MSN Instant Messenger

email: cbkihong@hotmail.com

AOL Instant Messenger

screen name: cbkihong

It should be noted, however, that I am not activating these messenging clients all the time, and you will have to try and see if I am online. It may be a good idea to, if you feel more comfortable to chat with instead of write to me, notify me in advance when you are going to be online and set a date then.

Last Updated on 21/05/2003
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