FloppyIn this section, you would find the files that are available for public download. These files include:

Notes   When I learn a programming language through reading computer books, I will make notes on some important points. These notes are saved in Microsoft Word (.DOC) or PDF format. Anyone who wishes to consolidate important concepts they have learned may download these notes for their own use.

Software Programs   Occasionally I will write some software programs for my own use. However, I will also place them on the web in case anyone needs to use them. Unless otherwise stated, all software products are free to use and keep.

Programming Examples   You may also find some sample scripts in echo with the tutorials on my personal homepage.

All files listed, unless otherwise stated, can be redistributed freely on the condition of keeping them intact. However, users are most welcome to send me some suggestions on any improvements or errors.

File Description Last Update
cpprm.pdf The PDF version of the "C++ Roadmap" compiled by me. 03/09/2001
perltut.pdf The PDF version of the "Perl 5 Tutorial" written by me. 31/12/2003
resume_web.pdf The PDF version of my personal resume. 24/12/2003
cresume_web.pdf The PDF version of my personal resume (Chinese Version). 24/12/2003
Last Updated on 31/12/2003
Chan Bernard Ki Hong (1999-2004).
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