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*Privacy and Our Policy on Collection of Personal Data

Policy and Our Policy on Collection of Personal Data

General Principles

The administrators of this web site are committed to protecting the privacy of our visitors to the maximum extent possible. In order to achieve this goal, solicitation of personal data has been reduced to the minimum extent possible in general. However, it must be noted that certain operations of the web site require solicitation of some personal data. In such circumstances, we would ensure all the personal data required that are stored in our server to be kept at the highest level of confidentiality possible, and no extra information unrelated to the principal purpose of personal data collection would be solicited.

Cases where solicitation of personal data for proper operation of the web site are listed herein.

The Feedback forum involves user registration. Except the username, password and email address that are necessary for the operation of the forum, other details are to be provided on a voluntary basis. You may log on the Feedback Forum and click on the "Profile" icon to review your personal data. You may also delete your user account there, and all your personal data would be removed instantaneously from the server in its entirety.

IP (Internet Protocol) Address

As an HTTP user agent, when your browser initiates a request to the web server for any pages on this web site, your IP address will be transmitted to this server. This address is required in order to return all the resources requested to your HTTP user agent. Your IP address is not stored by any part of this web site. However, the web services provider serving this web site may record this piece of data for statistical purposes.

HTTP Cookies

Certain pieces of HTTP (Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol) cookie from this web site may be placed in your browser. An HTTP cookie is a piece of persistent data stored at the visitor's browsers, and the data of which is written by server scripts on the web site. Provided a cookie is placed in your browser, the data contained inside the cookies would be transmitted to the server scripts running on the web site every time any page of this web site is accessed. Based on this stored information, the web site may then be displayed in a way that best suits the preferences set by the visitor.

Currently for this web site, the only cookie stored is your preferred language, so that your browser would display pages automatically in your preferred language whenever one is available.

On the basis of the current persistent cookie implementation, the use of cookies will not compromise your privacy. This is advocated on the following grounds:

  1. Provided you are using a properly-implemented web browser or any HTTP user agents, only the cookies stored by this web site can be read by the server scripts. Cookies placed by other web sites in your browsers would not be available to the server.
  2. The data stored as cookies are obtained from user input. Therefore visitors are free to decide whether to provide the needed information.
  3. The contents on your local storage media cannot be accessed with the cookie technology. For example, files on your hard disk are not known to the web server.
  4. You may clear all your stored cookies or view the contents of any cookie with most mainstream browsers available at your wish.

You may clear all the cookies stored by this web site by clicking on this link.

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