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My Parents

My Father in 1979. Click to enlarge.My father was an art teacher - he retired not long ago and is now at home all day long. He has a number of hobbies, so he will never be bored anyway. These include gardening (we don't have a garden, yet we have a little space for potted plants), stamps collecting, watching TV and making some artistic decorations at home. He now provides expertise advice on interior design services and receives renovation contracts for domestic as well as commercial premises.

A snapshot of my mother and I in 1989. Click to enlarge.It is a sober grief for us that my mother has passed away peacefully on 1st July, 1994 for malicious tumor. She was a nurse and has worked in a hospital, psychiatric section. We do had a memorable time together.

Family Life

My father does most of the household chores and sometimes I will go and help him in some trivial matters. I don't know how to cook and he will buy all those ingredients and transform them into delicious dishes. On Saturdays and Sundays I don't have to go to school. We would normally go to Church on Saturday night and dine out afterwards. While on Sundays we may go out and visit some places or do some household chores at home.

My Home

A peer out of the window. Click to enlarge.
The "Park" next to my home. Click to enlarge.The picture above shows the view outside the window after a downpour in 1996. After heavy rain the ditch outside the window will be deluged with water. Shortly after the rain is over, the river vanishes. Encompassing the ditch is a municipal park. Though tiny in size, it is a good resort for residents nearby and is stuffed with people jogging and cycling in the morning. We moved into this new flat partly because of the good natural environment. As I have mentioned previously, I have always been longing for a peaceful lifestyle. With some birds and so many trees outside it can probably satisfy part of my dream.

The Living Room. Click to enlarge.Shown on the left is a corner of my living room. Does it look elegant and resplendent? We moved into this flat in 1996. This flat is a bit smaller than the previous one. I've lived in the previous flat for more than 13 years. It was the repeated rupturing of waterpipes that compelled us to move, eventually.

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Chan Bernard Ki Hong (1999-2004).
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