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In the meantime (which is 21 June 2000 when the article was written) I am waiting for the release of public examination results. Many students may choose to do part-time jobs in order to offset their daily expenditure, yet I have chosen to learn more things in this really long vacation (probably the longest vacation in my life which lasts more than 4 months). This is done through setting for myself several goals that I would like to accomplish in the near future. These tasks will be continued unless I fail to be allocated a university place in August. The significance of these tasks lies on the fact that they would increase my competitiveness, in case I devote myself to the IT career in the future.

  • Of course, it is my top priority to take up programming again. I stopped my progress of learning Visual Basic (VB) in early 1997 in order to get prepared for public examination in 1998. I remember my only software product was released in 1996, and I developed it using VB4. And now VB6 shall be out of date soon! I have been on a dilemma whether to continue my work or to adopt a new language, probably C++ or JAVA ? I suppose VB is easy enough for me, so I will not change in the meantime.
  • There have been drastic changes around the world in recent years. The term "World Wide Web" was still a prototype in US laboratories in 1996. Now it has become a reality and is still expanding every day! Mastering web technologies, no matter for Intranet or Internet, is becoming more and more important. I have learnt some HTML and Javascript. Of course, I must dive deeper in order to achieve the ultimate goal. There are other web technologies which has been established as de facto standards like the Common Gateway Interface with PERL as the most popular language and DHTML with its Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) specification. Possibilities on the Web is still boundless.
  • I am busy preparing for my personal homepage. I hope that very soon I can have my second product offered on my homepage for free.
  • My languages are not very good. Therefore, after the busiest period is over, I shall start my so-called "Language Acquisition Programme". This is a strategy to improve my English and Chinese language skills, especially on oral skills. I would try to eliminate my grammar bugs and build a wider vocabulary. It would even be more desirable for me to acquire an additional language, most probably French. This is a long-term programme and shall be undergoing for years depending on the progress as well as my workload in IT-related areas.
  • This would probably be the easiest among all the tasks listed here. I would increase my vigilance on global happenings. This is easy - just turning on a radio or watching TV will do.

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