My Summer Industrial Training at Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation

KCRCI have worked at the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation as a programmer for two months in Summer 2002 to fulfill the compulsory industrial training requirements leading to the Bachelor's Degree of Engineering.

I worked in the Corporation for slightly shorter than two months, from 17th June, 2002 until 13th August, 2002. My project assigned was to port an existing training record maintenance system from MS-DOS to the 32-bit Windows environment.

I was delighted to have been granted this opportunity to refresh my knowledge in Visual Basic, which I was once familiar with but have essentially abandoned for nearly 4 years.

The project involved two main tasks:

  1. Convert the database files of the existing system from dBase V format into a single database in Microsoft Access format;
  2. Implement an interface for record maintenance and produce several types of printouts based on the stored data in the databases.

Conversion of the database files was an easy task. A conversion program was first written, also in Visual Basic, that read in the dBase files, and add back the data read into a newly-created Access database. I have restructured some of the database tables to allow for more efficient retrieval of data, and reduced data duplication in the database.

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