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Chan Bernard Ki Hong
Executive Summary

A professional Web application developer with extensive exposure to a wide variety of client- and server- side Web development technologies. Looking for exciting career opportunities in the area of Web application development that allow me to contribute my technical skills and apply the software engineering principles acquired to design and develop sophisticated Web applications, with opportunities to assume some leadership responsibilities in the long run.

A meticulous person fully dedicated to all the jobs taken, striving for excellence through constant improvement and learning, and always willing to share knowledge and expertise with others. I have been a moderator at a major online Unix forum since 2003. Having been involved in various scripting-based environments such as Perl and PHP for Web development for many years throughout my career, in recent years my interest has returned to enterprise Java technologies utilizing open-source application frameworks, such as Spring or Seam.

Work Experience 01/2006-03/2009
Mobile Clusters Limited, Hong Kong
Software Engineer
  • Software architect of the corporate VoIP voice infrastructure. Job duties included development of Perl programs for backend processing, integration of SIP servers such as Asterisk and OpenSER, as well as designing other supporting infrastructure for flexibility and scalability.
  • Established a flexible infrastructure based on the Spring application framework to power the corporate Web site, utilizing open technologies such as JSP, Apache Tiles and JPA, with round-the-clock monitoring and anomaly alert facilities backed by JMX.
EDI Systems Services Limited, Hong Kong
Analyst Programmer
  • Project coordinator who oversaw the integration of two freight forwarding systems (ColdFusion and Java) onto a single platform (PHP5) with limited resources and tight deadline constraints; and participated in subsequent development of new features and refactoring of the resulting code base for better code and higher component reusability.
  • Principal architect of the underlying application framework which served as the basis of future development projects, written in PHP with flexibility in mind.
  • The chief researcher of new technologies for later adoption in application development projects.
  • Converted the database files of the existing system from dBase V format into a single database in Microsoft Access format and restructured it to eliminate redundancies.
  • Developed a GUI for record maintenance and production of several types of printouts based on stored data in the database, developed with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0.
Other Experience 2001-Present
Perl 5 Tutorial

Wrote a tutorial covering the Perl programming language for free distribution on the Internet. Endorsed as reference material for several postgraduate and undergraduate courses offered by universities overseas, with frequent downloads recorded from behind various international corporations. The second edition featuring vastly expanded coverage is in preparation.

Currently published at http://www.cbkihong.com/index.pl?op=perltut


Maintaining a personal homepage whose pages are dynamically generated through Perl server-side scripting, focusing on extensibility, fault tolerance as well as minimizing security vulnerabilities. Successfully implemented a mechanism that counteracted automated form spamming through the email feedback form, thus reducing the volume of spam mail received dramatically.

Language Skills
Native command of Cantonese; Good command of simplified Chinese and Putonghua.
Good command of English. Particularly adept at reading and writing.
Education Background 2000-2003
Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering,
University of Hong Kong (Second Class Honours, Div. II)
Raimondi College, Hong Kong
Technical Skills Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows
  • GNU/Linux
Programming and Software Development
  • Java EE (JSP/Servlet/JSF/EJB3)
  • JavaBeans
  • Hibernate
  • RichFaces
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Unix shell scripting (bash, sed etc.)
  • HTML/CSS 2.1/Javascript/DOM2/AJAX
  • Spring Framework
  • C/C++
Development and Other Tools
  • Eclipse Platform/NetBeans
  • CVS/Subversion
  • Make/Apache Ant
  • Apache/Tomcat/JBoss
  • Microsoft Access/MySQL
  • More than 8 years of experience in Web development with dynamic client- and server-side scripting. Proficiency in coding standards-based HTML and CSS that follow the W3C specifications.
  • Keen follower of current industry practice with respect to software engineering (such as OO, MVC and other enterprise design patterns), pursuing clean, well-maintained, secure and reusable code with disciplined testing to strive for quality assurance.
  • Basic Linux andWindows system administration, hands-on experience managing a large array of servers with automated configuration and deployment using GNU cfengine.
  • Familiar with internationalization-related aspects of software development, with experience of developing Unicode-based applications in order to support multilingual user interfaces.

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Chan Bernard Ki Hong (1999-2004).
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