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Name Chan Ki Hong, Bernard
Sex Male
Date of Birth 16/10/1981 (DD/MM/YYYY)
Place of Residence Hong Kong, China
Ethnic Chinese
Horoscope Libra
Height 170cm
Weight 60kg
Blood Type O
Hobbies Computer Programming, Reading, Listening to Music, Writing
Favourite Colour Green, White
Favourite Music Oldies (60s-80s), Classicals
Favourite Radio Programme Friends Unlimited, RTHK Radio 1
Personality - Mentally Outgoing while physically home-clinging
- Being indefatigable towards pursuit of knowledge
- Conservative and discreet
Favourite Forums Unix.com
Spaceports User Forums
Waterloo Developers

Last Updated on 31/12/2002
Chan Bernard Ki Hong (1999-2004).
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