Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When I tried to view your site with Netscape 4.x everything seems to be messed up!

    Netscape 4.x is out of date, and it is not a standards-compliant browser. It fails to comply with recent W3C CSS recommendations CSS properly. This site originally supported Netscape 4.x. However, a lot of redundant markup had to be inserted in order to make the design acceptable in Netscape 4.x, and a lot of new possibilities that CSS provides are not supported by Netscape 4.x. Considering there are no longer many Netscape 4.x installations nowadays and versions 6.x/7.x are mature, I decided to drop support for Netscape 4.x starting from 2004 in exchange for cleaner HTML markup created. Please consider upgrading your browser. Many of your display problems with this site and other sites will be corrected by upgrading or using another browser instead.

  2. So, what browsers are supported?

    This site should look well with the following browsers:

    If the browser used conforms to XHTML 1.0 and CSS Levels 1/2 specifications, it is very likely this site will be rendered correctly with the browser.

  3. I can't view the Chinese characters on the site.

    All pages in the Chinese version of the site are encoded with the Big5 character set. All modern mainstream browsers generally support the Big5 character set. However, usually you are required to install a Traditional Chinese font that provides glyphs for the Big5 character set. Also, make sure the page encoding setting of your browser is configured as "Automatic" or "Traditional Chinese (Big5)".

Last Updated on 31/12/2003
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