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Quick Facts
Company/Organization Excite webshots.com
Date Released November 1999
File Size 1,392KB
Licence Free
Operating Systems Windows 95/98/NT4.0/2000/ME/XP
Other Requirements Nil
Score 5-star

Brief Review

Webshots Desktop is the software program used to organize the photos downloaded from the companion web site webshots.com.

webshots.com is a web site which hosts a vast collection of photos or graphics which are mainly from community submission or from other image providers. It offers many services like sending electronic cards and printing posters using the images hosted. Most importantly, it lets users download the images to their computers. These images are encoded in a special format that is not recognized by other graphics viewers. Users have to download and install Webshots Desktop in order to organize the image collections.

With Webshots Desktop, users can set any images downloaded as the desktop wallpaper. It also helps you set up a screensaver that displays the images in a random order. There are images on virtually any expect you can think of. Therefore, every user can find their beloved photos in such a wide range of collections. However, most images could not be exported to mainstream graphics formats because of copyright issues.

Webshots is very easy to use. The interface is clean, however, the preview images may be too small for certain images which have much fine details. Also, it lacks the feature of viewing the images in full size and you have to set the images as wallpaper in order to view them clearly. Yet because the images are so stupendous that I have a very pleasurable experience overlooking the natural scenery from all over the world on my desktop.

With the free account you are limited to a maximum of 5 photo download per day. You can participate in the premium membership to lift this restriction.

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