Software Recommendation



In this section, you will find my recommendations to some third-party software products which are of excellent quality for recommendation. Each software comes with reviews and user tips written by me. You are recommended to try them out.


There are many software products in the market, and many of them are free. If there is a good freeware product out there, why do we have to spend hundreds of dollars on something similar? Therefore, if you are fully informed the choices available you are going to save money. That makes a difference.

In this section, I will recommend some good software products to visitors. Recommendation is based on several factors: functionality, license cost and other aspects like documentation. There will also be links to related resources on the web where you can find additional information on the products listed.

Software Brief Description Score
Desktop Improvement
Webshots Desktop The software program for maintaining your collection of photos downloaded from the companion website, webshots.com. 5-star
Search Tools
Copernic 2001 Plus The best software program to search for information on the World Wide Web! 5-star
Last Updated on 01/10/2002
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