In this section, you will find some articles written by me on various aspects of computing. Although this section primarily targets at programmers or web developers, the articles are written in such a way that those who have no prior experience in this field would also find them easy to follow.

Guides / Tutorials
Perl 5 Tutorial Perl is my favourite server-side programming language. I hope this tutorial would help you learn this marvellous programming language.
World Wide Web Development: Methods and Techniques People are now increasingly aware of the importance of establishing their web sites on the World Wide Web. This guide covers a wide range of topics, from networking basics like domain names and IP addresses, to establishment of web servers and techniques on planning the framework of your site such that they can be more extensible and easily maintained in a long term. No prior knowledge is assumed.
How to Install YaBB in Spaceports CGI-BIN Account This article describes how you can set up a basic YaBB bulletin board on a Spaceports CGI-BIN account.
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